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Array Wars, Now With Extra EBook...

EBook versions of my Array Wars trilogy are now available for those who want them, in both EPub and Kindle (Mobi) formats.  If you happen to have an eReader that cannot read either of these formats, please drop me a line with its details and I'll see what I can do.  In general, though, unless you have a Kindle, the EPub version should work for you.  (Apple devices, for instance, work quite happily with the EPub file!)

So, here they are:

For those interested in the technical details, I'll tell you that I generated the EPub files via a Perl script from the original TXT files the novels were written in.  The same Perl script also produces the online HTML version that is available elsewhere.  I then used calibre to convert the EPub files to the Mobi format.

2012 Reading List

There are several small gaps, a month or more in length, between various of the 30 novels I read in 2012.  In almost all cases, these are a sign that I was having trouble getting into the book in question.  This doesn't necessarily mean they were bad books -- I had quite a few distractions in 2012, not least of which was the commencement of my final, concerted effort to finish off the writing of Episode 3.0: Attack of the Stiff...


2010/11 Reading List

For some reason, I have a huge gap in my "date completed" data, spanning almost a whole year (from April 27, 2010 to April 24, 2011). Is it really possible that I went an entire year without reading a book? Or did I just momentarily forget what a geek I am, and stop recording the date of completion? I know of at least one book which I must have read in that time, but that aside, my memory is as blank as my database.

Come to think of it, what did I do for that year? Maybe I was abducted by aliens to fight an interstellar war, then given a (rather rude) brain-wipe before being dumped back on my doorstep...? Surely somebody would have noticed?

So anyway, with that said, it seems to make sense to combine the books I read for both years into one list (containing, sadly, a mere 28 books!)


2009 Reading List

2009 was the year I first started recording the date I finished reading books; May of this year is as far back as my records go.  While it is an incomplete year in my database, I still managed to read (and record) 37 novels.


Nights of Cabiria

Nights of Cabiria (1957)
Original Italian title: Le Notti de Cabiria

On the whole, I tend to watch movies with aliens, or zombies, or lots of explosions -- or even exploding alien zombies, given half a chance.  Every now and then, however, I convince myself that I should branch out and watch something with a little more depth to it.  I start looking through the foreign movie section, at artistic movies, movies with culture.  (Hey, they're foreign, that's automatic culture points, that is!)  On my last visit to my Amazon wishlist, I bought a few box-sets of movies by French and Italian directors.  I also discovered that one of the movies contained therein was also listed independently.  Obviously, at some point, I had read something that convinced me I really wanted to see that movie.

And who am I to argue with my Amazon wishlist?  The movie in question was Nights of Cabiria, by none other than Federico Fellini; a name I certainly knew, but I can't say I'd seen any of his work.  Now I have!

Warning: this review may contain spoilers.